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Three Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs an AGA Cooker

Posted on February 07, 2020 in AGA

Since 1922, AGA cookers have been filling homes with warmth, style and practicality. They are more than just an oven; their iconic look, size and style means that they are truly a kitchen centrepiece. Especially, as there are plenty of both striking and subtle colour options to suit every home. While AGAs are well-loved, many people firmly pigeonhole these range cookers for country kitchens only. However, with technology developments, there really is an AGA to suit every kitchen from super modern to a traditional farmhouse.

Not convinced? Here are just some of the many benefits that an AGA cooker can bring to your home.

Three Great Benefits Of AGA Cookers

Superior Cooking

The principle of AGA cookers is that they use radiant heat which really makes the difference. This helps to lock in taste and flavour, whereas conventional ovens can end up drying food out as the hot air is circulated. This is true whether you go for a traditional model which is on all the time or one of the new flexible electric AGA cookers where you can even set different temperatures in the ovens.

So, with slow cooker options for mouth-watering casseroles, baking compartments for the perfectly risen cake and the roasting oven for the sumptuous Sunday dinner, you’ll certainly see a difference in your delicious home-cooking.

Complete Flexibility

AGA cookers come in a range of different shapes and sizes with a variety of solutions to suit your cooking needs. While AGA cookers come with multiple cooking spaces, you have to ability to choose different components for the perfect cooker. For example, you can switch the warming plate for a gas or ceramic hob and choose from two, three or five oven spaces. You can also add on extra modules to suit your needs too.

For complete flexibility and control, AGA offers their eR7 7 Series AGA Cooker where users can manage their AGA and turn off different sections to suit their needs via a touchscreen control unit.

Energy Saving (Yes, Really)

With the new range of electric AGA Cookers including the 3 Series and 7 Series, they offer flexibility allowing you to turn the cooker down in temperature or onto slumber mode overnight, saving energy and costs. Also, because AGA cookers offer multiple fuel options such as electric, gas, oil or dual-fuel, if you are going for a traditional AGA, you can select an AGA cooker with the most cost-effective energy for your needs.

Furthermore, an AGA eliminates the cost and energy consumption of many other appliances. As an AGA is a heat provider, you reduce the need for household heating and especially won’t need the radiators on in the nearby rooms to your AGA. Furthermore, you can also reduce the need for a kettle, toaster and slow cooker among others as your AGA looks after these functions. You can even eliminate the tumble dryer as you can use your AGA to dry clothes too.

What’s more, the all-electric AGA model also has a low energy setting, so that you can reduce your energy consumption.

But, do I need another oven as well?

One of the main aspects that put people off AGA cookers is the fact they are always on and emit heat to keep your home warm. Obviously, during the hot summer days, you may want to turn your AGA off. This is why some people recommend having a conventional oven too. However, due to the relative infrequency of hot days in the UK, and the fact you are more likely to go for refreshing salads to cool you down during a heatwave, or an outdoor BBQ, another oven isn’t a necessity.

The other option is to add an extra AGA module to your cooker. You can use this when the central AGA is completely switched off. This will mean you still get to enjoy the benefits of AGA cooking. However, without the heat production of your main AGA.

Finally, if you need any further convincing, an AGA is a cooker that lasts. Many homes will use their AGA for decades and even longer. With regular maintenance, your AGA will stand the test of time, regardless of how your kitchen changes through the ages.

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