The renowned Swedish physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Dr Gustaf Dalén, patented the AGA cooker in 1922 and launched to immediate acclaim in Britain in 1929 with Edwards & Godding, as one of the first 5 authorised distributors, installing their first in 1932.

Despite being a Swedish invention, the AGA cooker has become to be regarded as quintessentially British and is regarded as the heart of the home in households across the country. The iconic AGA cooker takes pride of place in any kitchen, emitting a warmth and security far beyond any 'normal' cooker. Once you've owned an AGA there would be no way of convincing you to have any other cooker in your kitchen!

The cast iron ovens of an AGA use indirect radiant heat so the food cooks gently, retaining its natural taste and flavour, without drying out. The AGA is also incredibly versatile; by using the hot plates and ovens combined you have every level of heat for every kind of cooking.

Despite it’s more than 85 year history in Britain, the AGA cooker has not stood still. The exciting new innovative Total Control AGA cookers take all of the very best characteristics of the AGA cooker and then delivers them in a package that suits every lifestyle. The Total Control is still made of cast iron but can be cooked on from cold allowing delicious AGA food to be enjoyed all year round.

AIMS - AGA Intelligent Management System - gives you controllability and flexibility by allowing you to programme your AGA (applies to 13amp and most gas AGA cookers) so you can have it fully up to temperature when required, on low, on slumber or even holiday mode when it turns itself off completely, and then turns itself back on to be ready for your return. AIMS offers you even greater flexibility, so that the AGA fits perfectly with your lifestyle and the way you cook.

There are live AGA cookers in each of our showrooms where our expert staff can guide you through all of your possible choices, from how many ovens to which colour you would like your new AGA.