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The iconic AGA cooker takes pride of place in many kitchens, emitting a warmth and security far beyond any normal cooker

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The cast iron ovens of an AGA cooker use indirect radiant heat so the food cooks gently, retaining its natural taste and flavour, without drying out. Once you’ve owned an AGA there would be no way of convincing you to have any other cooker in your kitchen!

AGA are constantly innovating and the new eR7, R7, 3 Series and AGA 60 cookers take all of the very best characteristics of the AGA cooker and then delivers them in a package that suits every lifestyle. The 7 Series, 3 Series and AGA 60 are still made of cast iron allowing delicious AGA food to be enjoyed whilst giving you much more flexibility and control.

The refrigeration collection from AGA offers state-of-the-art features, superb performance and a classic aesthetic.

Choose between the French-style AGA DxD fridge-freezer or the AGA 4-door Deluxe American-style refrigerator, both available in four gorgeous colours and capable to meet the demands of any family

Edwards & Godding, as one of the first five authorised distributors, installed our first AGA cooker in 1932 and we’ve been installing and servicing these beautiful cookers ever since.

There are special offers and discounts available on new AGA cookers for sale, please contact or call 0118 939 3046 to find out our best price.

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