AGA Running Costs

Updated 18th May 2022

AGA running costs depend upon the model that you own, the fuel supply you use and how you use your cooker.

The Everyday Radiant Heat range of AGA cookers, which includes the AGA eR3 Series and the AGA eR7 Series, are much more controllable and are designed to be switched on and off as required.

The 24/7 Radiant Heat collection are designed to always be on and ready to cook. Whilst the models may be more expensive to run, they also take the place of other electrical items such as heaters, an electric kettle and a tumble drier.

New AGA Models

The AGA eR3 Series and 7 Series models now provide increased flexibility and greater control, providing the opportunity to lower running costs significantly thanks to fast heat up times and the ability to allow individual operation of ovens and hotplates. In addition, adjustable temperatures and the ability to turn off functions when not required enables you to control how much energy you use. For example there is no need to leave hotplates on since they are designed to heat up in 10-12 minutes.

Some examples of running cost estimates for the AGA 3 Series and AGA 7 Series models***:

Mode Cost Per Week*
AGA R3 Series Baking and simmering oven (e setting) £20.69**
AGA eR3 Series Both cast-iron ovens on £22.96*
AGA eR7 Three ovens on (economy setting)

Three ovens on

AGA R7 Three ovens on (economy setting)

Three ovens on

Boiling plate on full
(AGA 3 Series and AGA 7 Series Models)
Continuous operation 15.1p per hour*
Simmering plate on full
(AGA 3 Series and AGA 7 Series Models)
Continuous operation 6.7p per hour*

*AGA Running Costs for the new models are presently AGA estimates.

**As tested by AGA March 2020 using the AGA R3 100-4i model.

**Average cost for electricity 28p/kWh for 2022 (Source: Prices based on OFGEM, May 2022).

Each test excludes any cooking and is with all doors and lids closed. The running costs displayed represent an appliance operating at temperature 24 hours per day.

Full Running Costs

Select the model you are interested in to see a full breakdown of AGA running costs.