Top AGA Colour Trends For 2021

Posted on February 10, 2021 in AGA, Top Tips

There is an AGA colour option for every personality and every kitchen design. So if you’re looking to give your home an uplift in colour, here are the top AGA colour trends for 2021...

AGA 60 Slate
AGA 60 Traditional Gas Hob in Slate

AGA cookers have been around for years and have become known for their uniqueness and endearing character. The type of oven that was previous reserved for grand country houses are now making their way into many homes of all shapes and sizes. AGA’s have gained a strong following thanks to their ability to create deliciously, warming comfort food, their iconic design and incredible versatility.

AGA cookers are available in various sizes and styles and have become something of a design feature in many kitchens. An AGA can be the focal point of any kitchen design, and with many different colour options, you can easily find an AGA to fit with your style. There is an AGA colour option for every personality and every kitchen design. So if you’re looking to give your home an uplift in colour, here are the top AGA colour trends for 2021:

Chic Greys And Bold Yellows

Pantone recently announced that the on-trend colours for 2021 are “ultimate grey” and “illuminating yellow”. Throughout the year, we are expecting to see many homeowners pairing chic grey tones with bold yellows in their interiors.

For those who want an AGA to match, we recommend either Dove or Pearl for a classic grey finish. The Dove AGA has a light hint of blue hues, while the Pearl AGA is light, understated grey. While AGA doesn’t offer an illuminating yellow cooker as standard, their Cream and Linen options are subtle yellow shades which will bring a warming pop of colour to any kitchen.

AGA 3 oven gas conventional flue + module
AGA 3 oven gas conventional flue + module

Bluish Greens

Green has become a popular kitchen colour over the last few months, and this trend is expected to continue throughout 2021. Turquoise, blue or green hues paired with white cabinets and natural wood finishes is a look that many homeowners are going for this year, and AGA has the colours to match.

The Pistachio AGA brings a splash of colour to any kitchen and is a wonderfully bright option for this classic cooker. For something a little more subdued, Salcombe Blue is a deep, dark turquoise that will blend effortlessly into a bluish-green kitchen style.

AGA R7 Series 100-3 Pistachio
AGA R7 Series 100-3 in Pistachio


Monochrome kitchens have become all the rage recently, with many homeowners opting for crisp, clean whites and contrasting blacks. White cabinets, walls, drawers and lighting is an easy way to brighten up any kitchen and open up the space. Paired with black features and appliances, a beautiful monochrome look is achieved.

The classic Black AGA is a popular choice for homeowners who want to keep their kitchen on trend this year. A White AGA is excellent for black or dark kitchens with bright white accents. The wonderful thing about simple Black or White AGAs is that they are timeless and can blend effortlessly into any kitchen design.

AGA eR7 Series 150-5 in Black
AGA eR7 150-5 in Black

Not Quite Right For You?

AGA cookers are available in a vast range of colours to suit every personality and style. On top of the many colour options available, AGA also offers a bespoke colour service. Consequently, this means homeowners can choose almost any colour they can dream of for their new AGA.

If you want to find out more about the AGA colour range and colour-match service, speak to the team at Edwards and Godding for more information.