Most manufacturers will use celebrity chef endorsements to help market their range cookers. However it is important to know the credentials of the chef and how the chef uses the appliances to really gauge what this says about the range cooker.

Nick Nairn is probably best known for appearing on the BBC’s Ready Steady Cook programme. However, more notable is that he is the youngest Scottish chef to win a Michelin Star; impressive due to his lack of any formal training. Also, he devised and cooked the main course for the Queen’s official 80th birthday celebrations as part of the BBC’s Great British Menu.

So, Nick Nairn is in the top echelons of Britain’s best chefs and could choose many different brands to endorse, but he chose Falcon. He also runs extremely successful cookery schools that require appliances that perform and are reliable. What is most telling however, is that he uses Falcon in his own kitchen.

The performance and reliability of Falcon appliances can be traced back to their professional heritage. Originally built in Scotland, the Falcon range cooker is now built in AGA Rangemaster’s state of the art factory in Leamington Spa. At a time when commentators lament the decline of British manufacturing, the Falcon range cooker bucks the trend.

Made from 1.2 mm gauge stainless steel, the Falcon is assuredly solid, but it is the cooking performance which is the main selling point – a tank is well built but try dropping the children off at school in one; there is no point being built like a tank unless function follows. The gas hobs boast a 5kW burner suitable for stir-fry and the induction is so controllable it is possible to melt chocolate directly into a pan without burning it.

There are not a myriad of different options on Falcon range cookers, because Falcon knows what the customer wants: a simple, well built range cooker that will perform on the simplest to most complicated dishes. The Falcon range cooker is a British Classic.

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