Ex Display & Stock AGA Cookers For Sale

Posted on October 19, 2023 in AGA

If you're looking for a second hand or reconditioned AGA cooker, why not consider having an ex-display or brand new stock cooker instead? These go fast so make sure you call today. Updated 19/10/2023.

Ex Display

We have an AGA R3 150-4i in British Racing Green available for £13,990 (RRP £17,575);

AGA R3 150-4i in British Racing Green

Stock Cookers

We have an AGA eR3 100-3 in Black - Brand new for £15,000 (RRP £17,735), full five year warranty, available for installation whenever needed.

We have an AGA eR3 100-4i in Linen - Brand new for £10,480 (RRP £10,990). Customer cancellation - full 5 year warranty from installation.

AGA eR3 100-4i in Linen

We have a Retro-fit Module for eR7 or R7 cooker with a Gas Hob, in the colour Dark Blue. Brand new for £3,800 (RRP £4,665).

All these prices include VAT and supply and installation to a prepared site (if you live more than 60 miles from Reading we may have to charge you a little extra for this).

The warranty on these cookers depend on which model you are buying and whether they are ex-display or ex-stock. All these cookers are available on a first come, first served basis and we would need to check availability before any order was placed.

If you are interested in finding out more please give us a ring on 0118 939 3046 and ask to speak to Caroline or Ed alternatively please email sales@edwardsandgodding.co.uk