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Posted on April 08, 2020

Ethel the Labrador
Ethel the Labrador

We wanted to start introducing you to the people that make up Edwards & Godding but it feels appropriate to start with Ethel, our fox red Labrador! Especially now, when we're working from home, she has become a real part of our little team.

Ethel will be 2 in July and is very chilled out and calm, unless faced with the possibility of stealing some food from somewhere and then you've never seen her move so fast. She loves our three boys, stealing their toys to chew and sitting in any spots of sunshine she can find. She hates being brushed, having to get off the bed in the morning and the rain.

You may notice something is missing from Ethel! Unfortunately she had a tumour in her eye last year and after some initial surgery to try and save it she eventually had to have it removed. She's a lot happier without it as it was causing her pain and weekly trips to the vets isn't much fun when you're a puppy. So far it hasn't hindered her at all, apart from one unfortunate incident involving some wire fencing at dusk.