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Cluny, Bussy Or Macon: Which Lacanche Is Right For You?

Posted on April 07, 2020 in Brands

If you want the best cooking, then you need to have the right tools. With France being the home of food, it’s only right to trust French kitchenware to give you the gastronomic results that you are looking for. When it comes to French cookers, there’s no better than the Lacanche range, still produced by hand in the heart of Burgundy. Despite being over 200 years old, the Lacanche brand feels as up to date as ever with innovative features such as an induction hob and multiple fuel options.

With over 200 years of innovation, Lacanche has introduced a huge variety of models to their collection. From the Cluny, Bussy, Macon and Volnay, there are so many options available. So how do you know which one is right for you and your kitchen? Here’s our quick buyer’s guide to the most popular Lacanche range cookers.


Lacanche Bussy 900mm Dual Fuel in Cherry Red
Lacanche Bussy 900mm Dual Fuel in Cherry Red

Named after a small French village, Bussy-Rabutin, this Lacanche model is one of the newer ones to join the collection. The standard size for the Bussy is 900mm in width and comes in either dual fuel or all electric. Despite being one of the smaller options, it still has plenty of space and fantastic cooking features to make a real difference to your kitchen.

With two ovens, six gas burners (or induction hob rings) and a drawer, it is ideal for the most extravagant of meal preparations or just a casual quick dinner. It is highly configurable, making it suitable for every kitchen need.

In terms of style, together with most Lacanche models, the Bussy is available in both the Moderne and Classic design, depending on whether you prefer the sharper lines and finishes of a contemporary look or a more traditional, vintage style.

Like all Lacanche ranger cookers, it comes in a vast range of colour options. Furthermore, if you prefer a different configuration with the vertical oven on the right instead of the left, then the Lacanche Beaune is also an option at no extra cost.


Lacanche Cluny 1000mm Induction Hob in Teal Blue
Lacanche Cluny 1000mm Induction Hob in Teal Blue

The Cluny is one of the best-selling Lacanche options, and it is easy to see why. The Cluny is incredibly versatile, with two full-sized ovens that can be either gas, static electric or electric convection, as well as two drawers. The top is beautifully spacious and configurable with an induction option(-s), simmering plate(-s) or stepped burners. All electric ovens will also come with a grill function.

All of these options mean it is easy to prepare multiple dishes at the same time. From roasting in one oven, baking in the other, while simmering on the cast iron plate on top.

The name for the Cluny comes from the Abbey of Cluny in Saone-et-Loire. Known for being one of the wealthiest monasteries where monks used to feast on roasted chicken, cheese and locally sourced wine.


Lacanche Macon 1000mm Dual Fuel in Tangerine
Lacanche Macon 1000mm Dual Fuel in Tangerine

The Macon is another popular range in the Lacanche collection. This is thanks to the two large capacity ovens and a third fully functioning electric oven and grill. The Macon also offers a five-zone induction hob or gas hob options. While traditionally designed for commercial kitchens, Lacanche soon realised the Macon is also a home staple for budding chefs and serious cooks.

As with the full range of Lacanche cookers, The Macon also comes in 30 colour and 6 classic trim options while its simple, clean design means it looks good in any kitchen.

At Edwards and Gooding, we offer a huge range of Lacanche range cookers including the Bussy, Cluny and Macon. If you would like help finding the right range for your kitchen, talk to our friendly expertstoday, call us on 0118 939 3046 or email sales@edwardsandgodding.co.uk.