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What you need to know about AGA plinths

Posted on September 08, 2021 in AGA

In essence, plinths are used to cover the gap underneath base cabinets to create a streamlined look and disguise cupboard legs from view.

A plinth is only required to bring the top plate of the AGA to the required working height of your worktops. Otherwise, all that is needed is a flat, solid, non- combustible base capable of supporting the weight (approx. ½ ton). Each plinth offers adjustable feet to level up, giving a flat surface to build from and is coated with several layers of primer and top coated with black textured powder.

The dimensions of a hearth or plinth should be the same as the AGA base-plate. For instance:

Depth: 679mm


    • 987mm – 2 & 3 Oven,
    • 1600mm – 2 & 3 oven + Module
    • 1487mm – 4 oven
    • 2100mm – 4 oven + Module

    An overlap of 10mm maximum is allowed along the front edge, but there must be no overhang to the rear or on the left or right-hand sides.

    Every AGA cooker that Edwards & Godding supply is delivered and installed by our own fully trained and qualified Edwards & Godding engineers. If you are unsure about whether you need a plinth for your AGA cooker, please contact us on 0118 939 3046 for your free and no obligation AGA site survey.