When the manufacturers of the best domestic refrigeration wanted to offer the best in domestic cooking appliances they didn’t try to re-invent the wheel. They looked for the best in commercial cooking appliances and in 2010 WOLF became part of the Sub Zero group. WOLF has been synonymous with professional catering in hotels and restaurants for over 75 years and now is adapted for the serious home cook.

The ‘friends of Sub Zero and WOLF’ reads like a who’s who of Britain’ best chefs including Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay and James Martin (have a look next time you’re watching ‘Saturday Kitchen’ for a glimpse of built-in Wolf ovens) . Plus, any of you eagle-eyed film buffs will notice that when Hollywood is dressing a kitchen for the most glamorous families it’s a WOLF range cooker at the heart of it.

Edwards & Godding’s 2012 grand opening of our Sunninghill showroom allowed our chef friend Matt to have a play around with the WOLF dual fuel range cooker ICBDF486G. He was impressed. We were impressed by his canapés, especially his filet of beef with black bean sauce. Matt seared the beef in a heavy pan on the hob, wrapped it in clingfilm and then cooked the filet at 57°C in the oven for over an hour. The result was a perfectly rare, but perfectly cooked filet of beef. We know, we didn’t believe it either.

So, 57°C seems very precise. The WOLF ovens can be controlled in 1 degree increments across the range from proving dough to roasting perfect crispy potatoes.

WOLF cooking appliances are about control. The patented dual stacked gas burners on their dual fuel ranges and cooktops also allow you to go from the gentlest simmer to searing heat all on the same burner. In fact, boasting a little bit, but did you know it’s possible to melt chocolate through paper on the gas hob? Chocolate….that normally needs a barely simmering bain marie to ensure this delicate substance doesn’t burn, melted through paper straight over a naked flame.

The technology doesn’t stop there. Most people are now used to the idea of pyrolytic self cleaning in built-in ovens, but the WOLF range cooker is the only one that has it in their ovens. The doors lock and all of the spillages and splatters are reduced to dust by a high heat; they then can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

WOLF appliances are the pinnacle in cooking precision and performance.