Quooker Classic Fusion

Quooker Classic Fusion

The Quooker Classic Fusion offers both boiling and cold filtered water from a single tap, making it a versatile choice for any kitchen.

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Colour Nickel

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  • Nickel
  • Patinated Brass
  • Polished Chrome
  • Stainless Steel

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    Both the boiling-water tap and mixer tap are combined in the Classic Quooker Fusion. Cold, hot and boiling water are all dispensed by one easy tap. And when you combine it with the Quooker CUBE, you can also dispense cool sparkling and filtered water.

    It also comes with various safety features, including an insulated spout and an aerated water flow, which both lower the risk of injury when using the boiling water function. A red ring on the boiling water tap also lights up when boiling water is being dispensed and when the tank is heating up, providing additional warning.

    Whether you choose the PRO3, PRO7 or the COMBI, each tank is designed to fit seamlessly under the kitchen sink, delivering 100°C boiling water to the tap. With its patented high-vacuum insulation, each tank maintains a constant water temperature under pressure and prevents heat loss to save energy.

    Quooker have designed a selection of accessories designed to help keep your Quooker tap in tip top condition.

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