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Why An AGA Fridge Freezer Is A Must-Have!

Posted on August 24, 2020 in AGA Cookers, Product Reviews

Introducing the AGA SXS and AGA DXD AGA Fridge Freezers. When you think of an AGA, you probably think of a range cooker. However, AGA proves that they have appliances for every kitchen with their 2 fridge freezers.

Both of these fridges are A+ rated available in - ivory, stainless steel, black and dark inox, with 390L of fridge space and 170L of freezer space .

The freezers are frost-free, so there is no need to defrost them, Ever!

There are also holiday and eco modes for when you are going away, or don’t have much in the fridge.

Finally, there are Super Cool and Super Freeze modes. These let you quickly drop the temperature after you have filled the refrigerator with your shopping. This can keep your food fresher for longer.


The DXD is a two-door, and three drawer refrigerator. This means that all of the fridge space is at the top in easy reach. The freezer section has two external drawers, and there is an integrated drawer within the big one. This set up is great for people who mostly use the fridge and want the freezer for more long term storage. This is an excellent everyday fridge freezer, it does everything you need it to and more.


The SXS has a different setup. It has four doors with two fridge sections and separately controlled freezer sections. For the ultimate in flexibility, you can independently control the freezer sections and even put them in fridge mode if you need more space. This makes it perfect for entertaining, especially during the holiday seasons. The fridge freezer even offers an odour seal section which is perfect for storing strongly smelling food such as cheese or salami. There is also portable chilled storage for drinks.

For foodies, there are gadgets galore. The SXS has a built-in vacuum sealing system. You can put your food in a vacuum bag and insert the open end into the freezer door. It will then vacuum the air out and seal the bag. You can sous-vide straight away or store the food in the freezer for longer and taking up less space. This is the perfect fridge for any aspiring foodies who like to take their cooking to the next level.

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