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What AGA colour goes best with my kitchen?

Posted on March 17, 2021 in AGA

AGA cookers are available in various sizes and styles and have become something of a design feature in many kitchens. An AGA can be the focal point of any kitchen design, and with many different colour options, you can easily find an AGA to fit with your style. What most customers tend to struggle with is choosing the right AGA colour for their kitchen. This article will explore all AGA shades and their complimentary colours to help you choose which AGA colour will go best with your kitchen.

Blue Hues

Dark Blue – Light grey kitchens often work best with Dark Blue AGA cookers because it creates contrast without the blue completely overshadowing. For more stark contrasts, dark blue pairs up well with brighter colours such as white, cream or yellow. For instance, you can have a dark blue AGA with sleek marble worktops.

Dartmouth Blue – Named after the coastal town of Dartmouth, this cool blue is reminiscent of the sea and is. This colour blue looks great in both traditional and modern kitchens – including both wood and high-gloss kitchens. Light coloured kitchen go beautifully with Dartmouth Blue.

Duck Egg Blue – A classic country kitchen colour. Combined with cream, soft neutral browns or pastel shades, this colour will bring a calming effect to the space.

Salcombe Blue – Salcombe Blue gets its’s name from the surrounding waters of the coastal town of Salcombe, Cornwall. This colour marries well with white, light grey kitchens with earthy undertones. Think of the sea!

Contemporary Neutrals

White – White is a shade that is very versatile when it comes to interior design. Perfect for brightening up spaces for kitchens that embrace dark colours such as navy, dark grey and soft blacks.

Cream – The colour cream is often found in most traditional shaker-style kitchens. Warm whites with an undertone of yellow, orange and red tones blend beautifully with this colour. A pale or mid-grey colour against cream produces a calming effect.

Linen – Like the colours cream and duck egg blue, this colour is well-suited to country kitchens. The natural linen colour is neutral and mellow so it works with bold, rich hues especially blue as it balances out beige’s warm tones. Linen also pairs well with whites, pale greys and greens.

Pearl Ashes – Pearl Ashes is a soft white/grey that is popular for its versatility. Dark colour cabinetry such as soft black shades and navy blue brings out the colour beautifully and adds contrast to the space. White kitchens/ cool toned kitchens also work well.

Dove- This colour is described as a warm grey with a slight purplish or pinkish tint. Dove marries well with cooler colours such as a dusky/blush pink and navy blue. French grey kitchens also work well.

Black + White AGA

Classic Colours

Black – The colour black is a classic neutral colour, and it just about goes with anything. When you’re in doubt about what you can pair a coloured kitchen with, reaching for a black AGA is always a safe bet. Colours such as dusty rose, white, navy, light beige, stone grey and even emerald green are just a handful of brilliant colours to pair with a black AGA in your home.

Pewter – Pewter is essentially a charcoal grey which goes extremely well with wood accents and cool/neutral toned cabinetry.

Slate – Slate is a dark grey colour that plays wonderfully with almost every hue. For a modern palette, combine slate with neutral like beige and sand, and add in a bright colour accent like orange to add interest. To bring out any blue or purple undertones, combine with the same hue. In other words, navy or deep blue kitchens match a Slate AGA brilliantly well.

Bright and Bold

Blush – Blush is light pastel pink that goes extremely well with navy blue, light greens and soft pale greys. White and silver accents are always popular choices to pair up with blush too.

Aubergine – The colour Aubergine is a deep purple colours that pairs well with shades of green such as dark forest, moss, olive green and battleship grey - which has green undertones. Grey kitchens also marry well with this colour.

British Racing Green – Green is in! British racing green and dark wood tones create a luxurious combination. This classic colour goes brilliantly with pale colours such as light grey, white and sage. Add gold or burnt/dark orange accents to add contrast to the space.

Heather – You cannot go wrong with pairing a Heather AGA with a grey toned kitchen. Grey has undertones of blue, green and purple which all work well with Heather. White is also a great option.

Pistachio – Pistachio is a brilliant turquoise colours that marries well with pink, camel or mocha brown tones, as well as, classic colours such as white and black.

Heather + Blush AGA

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