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Welsh Waffles from the AGA Foodhall

Posted on October 27, 2014

The relatively newly launched AGA Foodhall (www.agafoodhall.com) offers an Aladdin cave of delicious treats, sweets and yummies to sample and I was lucky enough get hold of a box of Tregroes Toffee Waffles which are available to purchase online for £1.95.

According to the blurb they are traditional Dutch waffles filled with soft butter toffee and made in a small, and I imagine beautiful, corner of Wales by the Tregroes Waffle Bakery. Put over a cup of tea or coffee to warm the waffle they said, so I did…

Oh my. The warmth of the tea melts the toffee in the centre of the waffle just enough to take it from extremely tasty to bordering on exquisite. Definitely one for when the girls are round for coffee and you want to offer something a bit different and a bit more exciting.