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Transform Your Cooking With Cast Iron

Posted on May 05, 2021 in AGA

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to go for a range cooker when it comes to your kitchen. These beautiful, freestanding appliances offer a lot more oven space than integrated alternatives and are stylish to boot. Even if you know you want a range cooker, you might not yet know which type is best for you.

If your primary concern is making moreish tasty food, you’ll want to take a close look at a cast iron range cookers and the benefits they offer.

How Is Cast Iron Cooker Different?

Cast iron range cookers, like AGAs, use a different method of heating than conventional ovens. Conventional ovens use a heater to heat the air and a fan to then blow it around the inside of the oven. This is a form of direct heating.

AGAs use indirect or radiant heating. Instead of heating the air and blasting it around the oven, an AGA heats the cooker’s cast iron sides. All the surfaces of the oven are heated, and they gently radiate heat into the oven cavity. There is no air being pushed around the stove.

Top Cast Iron Cooking Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing a cast-iron cooker, but here’s a quick rundown of the most important ones.


AGAs are very reliable. When they are maintained as recommended they last for decades. This is because they rely on clever and uncomplicated engineering. Because there’s no moving fan, there are fewer parts to break. A result of this long lifespan is that AGAs aren’t as expensive as they might seem at first glance. If you calculate the cost per year of use, they compare very favourably with more conventional ovens.

Gentle Heating

Food from an AGA tastes better. All you have to do is cook the same meal in an AGA and compare it to a traditional oven. You’ll soon see the difference.

An AGA applies the heat without a constant flow of air over the surface of your food. This means that your food retains its moisture.

An AGA cooks food more evenly. With a cast iron cooker, the heat from all sides is even. There are no hot spots where the food cooks faster. If you’ve used a fan oven, you might have noticed that the right-hand side of the stove is often hotter. This is due to the positioning of the fan. As a result, you need to rotate food to get it to cook evenly. You don’t have that problem with an AGA.

No Transfer Of Flavours

When you cook several items in the same oven, you can find that all the food tastes similar. This is because a traditional oven moves the air around the stove, along with the smells and flavours.

In an AGA you can cook your main and dessert at the same time, with no worries that your cake will have overtones of onion.

Consistent Temperatures

With an AGA, you don’t have to worry about opening the oven door to check on your food. As soon as you open the door of a conventional oven, the temperature begins to drop. This is because the oven blows all the hot air out. An AGA retains the heat so you can take things in and out without worry.

Ready To Taste The Benefits Of Cast Iron Cooking?

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