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The Biggest AGA Myths - Debunked!

Posted on November 23, 2020 in AGA

The Biggest AGA Myths - Debunked!

AGA cookers are amazing, and they truly are a game-changer for the kitchen. However, for some reason, there are lots of myths that continue to circulate about them. Some are based on old AGA cookers, and some are just misconceptions. So, here the facts behind the rumors' about AGA cookers.

Myth: You Have To Turn Your AGA Off In Summer

This is something that used to be correct but is just no longer the case. AGA cookers used to have to be on all the time. They’d take forever to get up to heat, so you’d just keep them on all the time. However, in summer they’d be heating your house as well, and it wasn’t efficient.

What’s important to note is that modern AGA cookers do not work this way. They can run on electricity, so you can turn them on and off as you need. You can even program them to turn on and be at cooking temperature ready, so you don’t even have to think about it. So, no more summer shutdowns.

Myth: AGAs Are Expensive To Run

AGA cookers have actually always been seen to be a good investment. While they require an initial investment, AGA cooekrs stand the test of time and will be used for decades, not just years. In terms of running costs, traditional AGA cookers can actually work to heat the whole home, which can reduce your heating bills.

Alternatively, modern AGA cookers are built with efficiency in mind, allowing total control, meaning you can turn them on and off as needed to keep your AGA as cost-effective as possible.

Myth: You Need A Big Kitchen For An AGA

While yes, you can get AGA cookers that are huge and are the real focal point of a big kitchen. That’s not your only option. The AGA 60 is, as the name suggests, only 60cm wide. That is the same as any standard slot in cooker.

It’s still got two wonderful AGA ovens. The bottom one is a simmering oven. For the top one, you can control the temperature of to use it as either a roasting or baking oven. This small and perfectly formed cooker will fit in any sized kitchen.

Myth: AGAs Are Old Fashioned

Old-fashioned is such a veiled insult, isn’t it? If someone says an AGA cooker is old-fashioned, you know that there’s a doubt that it means it’s fallen behind the times. Well, anyone who thinks that AGA cookers are old-fashioned hasn’t experienced the new e7range of AGAs.

The traditional styling hides a thoroughly modern beast hidden inside. The clever AGA folks have brought this AGA cooker right up to date. You can choose to have an induction hob on top if you want. You can independently control the ovens and the hobs, so you only heat what you want to. All of which are controlled with a touchscreen panel. Definitely not old-fashioned!

Myths: AGAs Are Dangerous For Kids

AGA cookers do run hotter than other ovens. That’s because they heat from all sides to gently cook food and retain moisture. So yes, the outside of an AGA is warm to the touch, but not enough to burn. The top of the AGA can be hot to the touch but can be protected when not in use. With newer AGA models, you only switch on the parts of the range you want to use, meaning it will only become hot when in use.

Generally, AGA cookers are as safe as any other oven/hob in the kitchen. However, if you are concerned, it is possible to get an AGA guard to protect little hands!

So, hopefully these debunked myths will help to alleviate some of your AGA concerns and show you what a fantastic addition they can be for your home. If you need help in finding the right AGA for your kitchen, get in touch with us today.