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The Best Kitchen Design Secrets

Posted on April 14, 2021 in Top Tips

Are you planning a new kitchen? If so, here are a few fantastic design secrets that you should consider. They’ll make your kitchen more beautiful and functional as well. You couldn’t ask for anything more!

Layered Lighting

The quality of the light in a room makes a huge difference in how it feels. Kitchens have to serve many different purposes, so it’s worth thinking about the lighting as a tool to create the right atmosphere for your needs.

Layered lighting combines three different types of lighting. There is ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. The ambient light is the main light in the room. This is likely to come from overhead ceiling lights in a kitchen. Accent lights are decorative and highlight certain features of a room and set a mood. Task lighting is very functional and serves a purpose. A great example of this is undercabinet lighting, which makes your worksurface bright.

A great kitchen has a combination of all three types of lighting, so you have the light you need to work, you can have a bright and welcoming space, and finally, you can have a more atmospheric room perfect for dining.

Wall To Ceiling Cabinets

When it comes to storage, you can never have too much, especially in the kitchen. Wall to ceiling cabinets let you make the most of the space in your kitchen. These tall cabinets can also make your ceilings look higher.

So often, cabinets leave an awkward amount of space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. This is usually wasted space and ends up just gathering dust.

You do have to place them with care though so that they don’t make the doors or windows feel crowded.

Pullout Pantry

Pantries are wonderful. Lots of the food we put in the fridge doesn’t really need to be there. A pantry is a much better option for your dry goods, fruits, and veggies. A pullout pantry is easy to access and lets you keep everything organised so you can make your shopping list with a quick glance.

Sauces And Seasoning Pullout

One of the most used accessories in many well-designed kitchens is the pull-out cabinet right next to the range. This is the perfect place to keep all the sauces and seasonings you need while cooking at the hob. You can have everything you need to whip up something tasty without cluttering up the countertop with hundreds of different bottles. The beauty of this pullout cabinet is that it doesn’t need to be big, a very narrow pullout is perfect for a spice rack.

Vertical and Horizontal Storage

Cookware comes in all different shapes and sizes. A lot of items stack nicely and can fit inside each other. At first glance, that seems like a great idea. On further thought, you realise that every time you want to get something, you need to take everything else out the cupboard as well.

If that’s something that frustrates you, then you might want to consider segmented storage. Bookcase style storage can help you keep everything organised and easy to access, as can vertical storage racks. For example, storing plates vertically means you can take one out without lifting off a pile of crockery to get the item you want. Vertical storage can also be useful for Tupperware lids and saucepan lids too.

Popup Electrical Sockets

You can’t have too many electrical sockets in a kitchen. But long strips of sockets can be unsightly. If you have an island, then it’s nice to have sockets there as well, but you might not use them all the time. A top kitchen design secret for these cases is pop up sockets. You can pull them up when needed, and push them under the counter when you’re done.

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