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Space Saving Kitchen Design Ideas- Our top space saving tips

Posted on January 25, 2021 in Top Tips

Space Saving Kitchen Designs

Good kitchen design can go a long way towards helping you make the most of the space that you have in your kitchen. If you find yourself spending most of your day in your kitchen, thanks to home-schooling, working from home or trying to find an area of respite in a busy family home; your kitchen might not seem as spacious as it once did. This is doubly true if you are sharing it with the rest of your family as well. Here are some top ideas that can help you make the most of your space.

Boiling Water Tap

If your countertops feel crowded with appliances, it can make your whole kitchen feel busy and cramped. The fewer devices you can have sitting on your countertops, the bigger your space will be, and the easier it will be to prepare food. To this end, you can make the switch from a kettle to a boiling water tap. Boiling water taps give you hot water on demand, are child safe and don’t take up extra space on your countertop. So by ditching your kettle, you get more room, an additional free socket, and still have water for your cuppa, only now it’s without the wait and the noise.

Wall Mounted Storage

It’s not uncommon to have wall space in a kitchen where you can’t put cabinets, for instance between windows. This space doesn’t have to go to waste. You can easily use it for storing items that might be on your countertop or filling up your cupboards instead.

Why not even have wine storage above your fridge?

Wall mounted storage is also ideal for items that you use a lot. So why not ditch the knife block and go for a magnetic knife holder on the wall. They look fantastic and take up less space. You can also put utensils, spice racks or anything you can imagine in these spaces.

Foldable Table

A kitchen table is convenient to have. However, having one big enough to seat your whole family takes up a lot of valuable space. If you only need the table for mealtimes, then a great way to save space is to go for a foldable table. There are loads of great options that can be easily folded in and out. That way, you have the space you need to eat, and you also have room to move around the rest of the time as well.

Clever Corner Storage Solution

Corner cupboards can be a real pain. It’s so easy to lose things in them, so the space is essentially wasted because you’re just not using it. A good solution for this is to get a specially designed corner cabinet solution. There are loads of options that make it easier to utilise the space fully. You can choose between carousels and pull out shelves whichever options will work best for your situation.

Pull Out Pantry

Tall thin cupboards are great for storing a lot of items, but the problem is that you can see what’s at the back. This can stop you from properly using it, or may even result in you buying something you already had but couldn’t see. An excellent solution to this problem is to install some pull out pantry shelves. These are cupboards that slide out, giving you easy access to the entire contents of your cabinets. Keeping you organised and tidy without needing to have extra space.

If you’re ready to make the most of your space, please contact us today. We can assist with a free virtual design consultation to help you plan your ideal kitchen complete with all of the best space saving design features.