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Seven Things You Can Do With An AGA Cooker That Don't Involve Cooking!

Posted on February 27, 2020 in AGA

Seven Things You Can Do With An AGA Cooker That Don’t Involve Cooking

When you buy an AGA cooker, it is more than simply purchasing an oven. It is investing in the centrepiece of the kitchen, the new hub of the home. It can be so much fun getting to know all of the features of the AGA, whether it’s a 3 oven AGA or a 5 oven AGA range cooker. From roasting to simmering, griddling to warming, your AGA can make cooking a breeze. However, besides making delicious meals, the AGA offers so many more uses that don’t involve cooking.

Here are some of the best ways to make the most of your multi-functional AGA cooker, whenever you’re not cooking.

AGA eR7 150-5, 5 oven 7 Series AGA Cooker, in Blush
AGA eR7 150-5, 5 oven 7 Series AGA Cooker, in Blush

Seven Ways To Make The Most Of Your AGA Cooker

Drying clothes

Tumble dryers can be a huge expense, both to purchase outright and to run. However, you can save on your energy bills by drying your clothes on the AGA. There are several ways you can dry clothes on the AGA. The most effective is to use an AGA dryer rack over the hob. This is because the hot air rises so items will dry here quickly. It is important not to put clothing directly on the hob – this can cause damage.

However, you can pre-fold clothes and lay clothes flat over the drying rack. This will not only dry the clothes but mean you don’t need to iron any garments either as they have already dried flat.

Another option for drying clothes without the rack is a towel rail in front of the AGA. However, for this, you need to make sure it doesn’t restrict the air intakes. If you have creased clothes that you plan to wear the next day, hang them over the rail and they’ll be crease-free come the morning.

Top Tip: A drying rack is also ideal for drying shoes and boots, washing up, dog towels and blankets and even logs for the wood burner!

Open jars

This is quite the little hack for those stubborn jars that are notoriously difficult to open. Pop the jar upside down (lid first) on the simmering plate for 20 to 30 seconds, then, covering the lid with a cloth, the jar lid should unscrew with ease.

Pet corner

While your AGA will quickly become the hub of the home for the warmth it provides, your pets will love it too. So much so, that placing dog or cat beds here will ensure your pets are always warm and cosy. So much so they’ll never leave. Even Mary Berry dutifully places the dog beds for her pets in front of the AGA every night.

Plate warming

Ensure food stays hotter for longer by warming your plates and dishes before you serve up. The warming oven in your AGA range cooker is perfect for this purpose. A 5 oven AGA is ideal for big family celebrations and dinner parties. You have enough oven spaces for all of the dishes and accompaniments while still being able to keep the plates warm and ready to go.

Cold and flu relief

If you are feeling under the weather, then the AGA becomes your best friend. Not only can your AGA cooker deliver a steaming bowl of nourishing soup, but it can also help to fill your home with soothing aromas, helping you to breathe easier. Add a pot of water on the simmering plate then add a few drops of your favourite essential oils (eucalyptus is ideal for colds), and you have created a room humidifier. This will fragrance your home with your favourite scents.

Just make sure to set a timer, so the pot doesn’t boil dry.

Make your own dried herbs

If your garden has produced an abundant crop of herbs, they don’t have to go to waste. Instead, suspend bunches of herbs above your AGA cooker. Then, when they are fully dehydrated, you can store the herbs in containers, so you always have the right seasoning at your disposal, whatever the time of year. You can also do the same with lavender, to transform your crop into soothing lavender pillows.

Another great option is to use your AGA for creating dried flower arrangements; the AGA cooker is a great way to dry out flowers while still retaining their colour.

Refresh stale food

If your day-old bread has lost its appeal, then you can restore it with the AGA range cooker. Pop an ice cube on the floor of the simmering oven, add the bread to a shelf and let the steam work its magic. If the bread is particularly dry, then cut off the worst bits, run the loaf under the cold water tap then place in the roasting oven for 3-5 minutes.

It’s not just bread you can revive this way, but cookies too. This is ideal if you have unexpected guests and want to serve up a warm treat.

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