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Lifehacks For Cleaning Your AGA

Posted on April 17, 2020 in AGA

A well-looked AGA can last for many years. In fact, The Telegraph found that the oldest working AGA has been roasting, baking and warming since 1932. However, in order to keep your AGA as good as new for as long as possible, an AGA range cooker requires regular cleaning and maintenance. So, how can you care for your AGA? Here are some top lifehacks for easy cleaning and extending the life of your AGA kitchen.

Top Tips For Caring For Your AGA

Invest In The Right Equipment

In order to clean your AGA with ease, it is important to invest in the right equipment. It is essential to avoid oven cleaners which can be terribly abrasive. Generic oven cleaners can ruin the enamel coating of the over as well as the powder-coated handrail brackets.

Instead, invest in gentle cleaning tools such as soft cloths and a soft brush. While most AGA owners simply need soap and water to clean their AGA, the AGA enamel cleaner and AGA e-cloth are two incredibly effective cleaners that can be well worth the investment. Especially the e-cloths which come with a three-year guarantee and remove over 99% of bacteria.

Cleaning The Ovens

One of the benefits of AGAs is that the ovens require very little cleaning at all. However, if you’ve left items in the oven too long and they’ve baked onto your oven, then you should be able to remove these by brushing the carbonised pieces out. Make sure to use a soft brush to avoid damaging the coating on the walls of the oven.

If you switch off the ovens and are deep cleaning them, then rub corn oil over the oven surfaces to help prevent rust on the cast iron surfaces. After oiling the surfaces, turn the oven on full heat for around an hour. This will let the oil permeate through the surfaces.

Cleaning The Doors

To make cleaning even easier, it is possible to remove the oven doors so you can get into every nook and cranny around the seals. Remember, you don’t have to soak the oven doors for a long period to get a good clean. In fact, soaking at all is not advised. Instead, use warm water and soap to get your oven doors gleaming and any residue in the seals removed.


As your AGA oven is likely to be on a large proportion of the time, it is important to clear up any spillages as soon as you spot them. With the heat from the oven and the acidity in the foods and fluids of the spill, these can quickly leave a stain. So, promptly wipe these stains away with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

Hot Plates

One of the best ways to care for your hotplates it to add a thin layer of cooking oil to them. Only do this when they are completely cool. Otherwise, brush off any carbonised residue and use a damp cloth to remove spillages (ensuring you remove any cleaning residue afterwards). Finally, also make sure your hot plates are left to thoroughly dry, so they do not build up any rust.

Similarly cleaning the lids should just require a lightly damp cloth and only occasionally a gentle cream cleaner to remove any stains.

Enamel Cleaner

While you shouldn’t use regular oven cleaner, AGA enamel cleaner can work wonders in ensuring your range cooker is always sparkling. You can apply the AGA enamel cleaner with a damp cloth. It can even go directly on warm surfaces. The benefit here is you don’t have to turn off your AGA to get a good clean. Furthermore, the cleaner won’t smear either.

Remember, however, that this cleaner is only for the enamel surfaces and is not suitable for any plastic, pewter or lacquered surfaces.

So, by following these top tips, you can significantly reduce your cleaning time and ensure your AGA range cooker lasts for as long as possible.