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How to Create a Beautiful, Traditional, Kitchen Design

Posted on April 17, 2020

If your kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but a space for entertaining, coming together as a family and being the heart of the home, then you want a space that is warm and inviting. A traditional kitchen design is a fantastic way to create a beautiful and welcoming space, serving the many functions that your kitchen offers.

What Is A Traditional Kitchen Design?

A traditional kitchen is far from old-fashioned. Instead, traditional kitchens focus on uncomplicated colour palettes and elegant design features. Unlike contemporary kitchens which focus on the clean lines, traditional kitchens allow details, features and embellishments. They all make your kitchen instantly more liveable without being overbearing and fussy.

For example, instead of smooth, handle-less cupboards in contemporary design, your kitchen cabinets will instead be a design feature, perhaps with contrasting coloured handles or border details on the cupboards.

A traditional kitchen design also focuses on natural materials and hand-made features, such as bespoke wooden cabinets and natural stone worktops. These add warmth and character, making your kitchen incredibly homely.

Three Ways To Incorporate A Traditional Kitchen Design In Your Home

Look For Decoration

Think pretty and practical for your kitchen. Instead of thinking of the cupboards as a necessity, think about how your kitchen cabinets can be a design feature. For example, hand-carved edging and raised panels on the cupboard doors or perhaps hand-painted in the ideal tone for your kitchen.

Another way to add decoration is on your worktops. For example, can you go for a curved edging on your kitchen island to make your worktop stand out and be a focal point? This curved edging also means you have more space to tuck breakfast bar stools under, keeping your kitchen neat and tidy.

Choose Your Colour Scheme Carefully

A traditional kitchen focusses on a very neutral colour palette. Think white, creams, grey and beige. Usually, a traditional kitchen will focus on the natural materials used, such as stone and wood, so consider the best colours that will enhance and complement these natural colours.

If you do choose to incorporate colours, think warm and cool hues rather than bright and bold. Go for matte instead of glossy. For example, white, grey and steel blue can work well in a traditional kitchen, giving colour without stepping too far away from a neutral palette.

Go Bold With Your Countertops

With a traditional kitchen, you can really have fun with the details, so go for pattern and intricacy with your countertops. Natural stone or stone-style countertops have fantastic, unique patterns and movement. For instance, the endless veins in marble. With granite, quartz and other stone-style countertops, look for the style that holds your gaze and seems to have a different point of interest every time you look at it.

Whether it’s flecked with colour or sparkle or has veins running through it, a traditional kitchen can make your countertop the star of the show. So, don’t be afraid to go bold. Remember, you can always ask your kitchen designer for advice and check portfolios for how your favourite countertops have been used before.

Are You Looking For Your Dream Traditional Kitchen?

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