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How Do I Know What Venting I Want?

Posted on August 11, 2021 in AGA

Traditionally AGA cookers were always vented externally, using whatever flue the cooker had to take the cooking smells and steam from the ovens outside. However, now this isn’t always the case...

Internal Venting

With the AGA 3 and 7 Series cookers, they are both internally vented as standard, however you can opt to externally vent the eR7 or R7 models for an additional £300.

So, what difference does this make? Firstly, the internal venting means you can site the AGA pretty much anywhere in your kitchen without the need to find an outside wall. It also means you’ll be able to smell what’s cooking in your ovens which can be a bonus when you walk away from the brownies you put in 15 minutes ago!

External Venting

If you choose to externally vent the AGA 7 Series models, you’ll be able to press the little AGA logo on the controls to turn to outside fan on to draw out the steam.

The AGA eR7’s ovens are vented through the shroud located on top of the AGA between the two hotplates unless the AGA powered vent kit has been fitted. If the power vent is not fitted, it is recommended to install a cooker hood above the AGA eR7. The cooker hood should be positioned not less than the minimum height as recommended by the manufacturer from the top of the AGA.

The venting of the oven also means that you can cook sweet and savoury items together without danger of mixing flavours - a delicate lemon sponge can be cooked in the same oven as garlic mushrooms! Remember to switch off the fans when you are done cooking!

AGA Hoods

AGA offer a range of extraction hoods that come in variety of styles that can be integrated or positioned above your AGA cooker.

The stylish pitch and slab designs come in three different sizes: 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. Both hoods have been design to compliment your AGA cooker in both look, colour and performance, whilst creating the ideal environment for cooking. These hoods work to rapidly clear your kitchen of steam, fumes and odours whilst cooking and offers a useful remote control to control the speed of extraction.

While the 90cm Built-In Hood is highly effective, offering three speed settings for effective extraction and it can be operated by remote control for ease of use.

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How do I know what venting I want?

This is something we’ll be able to help answer when we do your site survey. Our survey engineer will be able to look at where you want to put your new AGA and then advise whether an external vent is possible.

Every AGA cooker that Edwards & Godding supply is delivered and installed by our own fully trained and qualified Edwards & Godding engineers. Please contact us on 0118 939 3046 for your free and no obligation AGA site survey.