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Design Your Kitchen With Wellbeing In Mind

Posted on October 21, 2020 in Top Tips

Design Your Kitchen With Wellbeing In Mind

2020 has been a challenging year for most people. With winter drawing in as well, it’s natural to find that your mood is suffering a little. Your kitchen might be too. With everyone home more, the kitchen has likely become a bit of a dumping ground. Consequently, if your kitchen wasn’t designed with heavy use in mind, it might no longer feel like a space you want to be in.

If being in your kitchen is getting you down, and you’re ready for a change, here are five design tips to help you transform your kitchen into a restful and happy space again.

Make The Most Of Any Natural Light

Natural light does wonders for your mood. The more you can get into the room, the better.

If your kitchen windows don’t face out to a street or a neighbour’s home, then consider removing any curtains or blinds altogether – or opting for very light fabrics. If you need them to prevent being blinded by the sun, try and find the most minimal options possible. Even when they’re open, it is surprising how much blinds and curtains can limit the amount of light that enters the room.

It can also help to avoid having tall cabinets next to the windows. These can stop the light from spreading into the room.

For the illusion of more natural light, consider choosing lighter colours. These will reflect more light and make the space appear bigger. Glass splashbacks can have a similar reflective effect enhancing the natural light.

Create Spaces For More Cooks

Cooking can be a real social activity. Getting everyone involved in preparing a family meal is a great way to lift the mood of the whole house. To facilitate this, try and arrange your kitchen so that there are serval ‘workstations’. You want to avoid having everyone work on one small stretch of countertop. Islands can be a great way to make space for more people to get involved.

Choose Colours With Purpose

If you’re looking to create a peaceful space, then lighter colours can be an excellent way to go. However, since you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, don’t be limited in your colour choice. Pick a colour that will influence your mood. You know what you need most right now, it could be something calming, joyful, or energising.


Clutter can be draining. You look at a pile of things, and it’s exhausting before you even begin doing anything about it! Try and make sure there is a home for everything in your kitchen. There are lots of innovative storage solutions and integrated appliances that can help with this. If you can make it easy to keep your countertops clear you’ll feel so much more at peace whenever you enter your kitchen.

Limit Distractions

Technology is great. It connects us with the world. However, sometimes it can be a distraction from the people right in front of us. So consider making your kitchen a technology-light room. If you can, banish mobile phones and tablets from the room. Take back your kitchen as a space where you are all present and focused on the food, the drink, and the company.

If you want help creating a more enjoyable kitchen space that benefits your wellbeing, get in touch with the team at Edwards and Godding who will be happy to offer design support. Please book your free design consultation today by filling out our quick contact form.