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Creme Brulee with Blackberries

Posted on February 28, 2015 in Recipes

I love doing this pudding as a weekend treat for my family, and I really love serving it as one big pudding for everyone to have a portion of. I use a big, deep, round dish and this recipe serves 6 easily.

600ml double cream

1tsp vanilla extract

7 egg yolks

120g caster sugar

175g blackberries

3tbsp brown sugar

Pop the cream and vanilla extract into a saucepan and very slowly and gently bring it to just below boiling point. Immediately take it off the heat.

Seperately whisk together the egg yolks and sugar. Once your warm vanilla infused cream is ready pour it over the egg and sugar mix and whisk to incorporate. Pop the custard back into the saucepan and place back on the hob. Keep a close eye, whisking to stop lumps, or even worse cooked eggs, from forming. Continue to heat gently (never allow it to actually boil) until the custard has thickened.

Place your raw blackberries in the bottom of your serving dish and then pour over the custard, passing it through a sieve. Now, generally I am not prone to over convoluted steps but this really is worth it, to make sure the finished crème brulee is silky smooth. Refrigerate for a good few hours - in an ideal world you would do this in the morning for pudding that evening to give it a really good chance to set.

The sugar step can be done at a variety of points, depending on how organised you need or want to be. You can do it an hour or two prior to eating, chilling the dessert again to give a really firm topping, or you can do it just before serving. Either which way sprinkle over the brown sugar as evenly as you can and pop under a grill until the sugar begins to bubble and brown.