Decide between a NEW or reconditioned AGA

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Ed in How to...

Some people will consider buying a used or refurbished/reconditioned AGA cooker instead of opting for a new one. As an authorised AGA distributor Edwards & Godding have, in the past, sold second hand and refurbished/renovated AGA cookers. We stopped this because even as experts in the field, we were often left with dissatisfied customers. Our customers can be safe in the knowledge that when they buy a new AGA cooker from Edwards & Godding the cooker is perfectly built and calibrated, uses genuine AGA parts and is supported by a 5 year warranty.

The investment in a second hand AGA cooker can still be considerable, but there are many pitfalls:

  • The renovator will advise on and try to sell those cookers that they have available, not necessarily the right cooker for you.
  • AGA cookers last for decades and so the cooker you are being sold may already be 30 years old.
  • If the AGA cooker has been 'reconditioned' it may be 'cut and shut' from several different AGA cookers. It is unlikely to use all genuine AGA parts.
  • Do you know whether the enamel is original AGA enamel or have the doors, front and top plate been sent to a third party enamel shop?
  • You may encounter problems getting a second hand or refurbished AGA serviced as engineers will shy away from a poorly built cooker.

Founded in 1790 and selling our first AGA cooker in 1932, Edwards & Godding are an established business with decades of experience in selling AGA cookers. Before you commit to buying a second hand or refurbished AGA, talk to us and we can show that for just a little more you can get the a brand new cooker built especially for you to meet your needs.

Please call our office on 01189 393 046 for free and impartial advice or browse our online shop here.

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Hi, I’m just starting my research into AGA cooking , I have just brought a barn which needs lots of work and I’m hoping to install an AGA in about 2 years time the kitchen will be the last room to be renovated . I have oil heating but I have heard you can have duel fuel or aims ? I like to cook , I work full time , the kitchen is big enough to take a 5 oven AGA with the unit on the side for summer use . Are the units that are for summer use seperate or attached to the AGA. Could you give me some options that I could have and brake down on prices to give me some idea of the cost I would be looking at . Running cost is this possible to estimate . Regards Alison Price.

By Alison price on 31 March 2015