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Lacanche Accessories Guide

Posted on December 14, 2020 in Brands

What Accessories Should I Buy For My Lacanche Range Cooker?

A Lacanche range is so unique because you can customise it so precisely to meet your needs. However, that much choice can be a little daunting, especially if you’re getting your first Lacanche. We say first because this is a hard cooker to move away from. If you get the configuration right for your home and cooking needs, you won’t want to go back to any other style of cooker afterwards.

To help you figure out exactly what accessories you might want with your Lacanche here are some popular options.

Gas Hob Accessories

Wok Ring

If you use a wok a lot, then this is a great accessory. You can pop it over any of the gas rings or in the middle of the traditional hob. It keeps the wok at the perfect height above the flame to give you excellent stir fry.

Griddle Plates

This fit over the top of two gas burners. You can cook directly on them. This is great for anyone who likes to sear meat or fish. You can get a smooth or a ridged finish depending on if you want to have grill marks or not.

Small Simmer Plate

This addition fits directly on to two of your gas burners. The burners heat the plate directly, giving you a larger cooking surface on which you can place many pans, to suit your needs. This is good if you occasionally entertain and could do with more flexibility.


If you use smaller pans like milk pans or butter pans, then you’ll want at least one trivet. This is a small attachment that bridges the gap over the burner. This keeps your smaller pans secure while you’re cooking on any size ring.

MultiCooker Accessories

Chopping Board

You can firmly attach this chopping board over the top of your multi-cooker. This maximises your space, so you can do all your food prep right at the cooker and have everything in easy reach.

Pasta Baskets

If you’re going to get a multi-cooker you really should get some of these pasta baskets. They allow you to easily boil any item. When you’re food is done you can pull the basket out, and it drains right then and there. Once you use these’ you’ll never want to go back to boiling pasta in a pan.

Oven Accessories

Oven Racks

If you want to keep using your own cookware in the oven, you can get some oven racks. These will allow you to use any cookware at all inside your oven.

Pastry Plates

These are an excellent accessory for anyone who likes to bake. You can bake items like pies and cookies directly on them to get a nice even heat through the bottom of your foods. Or you can use them to protect the top of more delicate bakes, like sponge cakes.

Roasting Trays

If you’re going to be cooking roasted dinners, this is the best place to cook it. The trays allow for optimum airflow and are easy to clean. You can even use a roasting tray as a shelf in the oven as well for more cooking flexibility.

To find out more about the Lacanche range cooker, and to find the perfect range cooker to suit your kitchen, browse our Lacanche brand page to find out more.