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AGA City 60: The Perfect Range Cooker For Urban Living

Posted on August 24, 2020 in AGA Cookers

AGA City 60: The Perfect Range Cooker For Urban Living

For a long time, the joys of an AGA has been seen as a privilege of those who lived in spacious country homes. In fact, for many of us, the idea of an AGA instantly conjures images of large family kitchens. But, with the latest range of flexible electric AGAs; that is no longer the case. City dwellers can now enjoy the delights of an AGA no matter how cosy their home. The AGA City 60 has been designed to fit into any kitchen.

So, if you’ve always wanted a range cooker, or to own an AGA, now is your chance. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a range cooker regardless of the shape, size and location of their kitchen!


At 60cm wide, the AGA City 60 is the same size as any compact cooker that you might find in a smaller kitchen. Despite its economical sizing, every square inch has been put to good use. With a little bit of planning, you can easily cook a full-size family feast in this smart little oven.

Hot Plates

With the AGA City 60, you have a choice of the traditional hot plate or gas burners.

With the traditional hot plate, you have a single large plate, with surrounding resting spots. It is of a size that you can easily fit four pans on at once. The plate has two temperature settings - boiling or simmering.

The efficient electric design means that you turn the plate on when you need it. It doesn’t need to be running all day. If you put a pan of water on the boiling plate from cold, it will take around 8 minutes to get to a boil.

If you can’t bear to part with your gas rings, then you have the option of replacing the traditional hot plate with four burners. This gives you two semi-rapid burners, one rapid burner as well as a wok burner—everything you need to cook a good meal.


The AGA City 60 has two ovens. Because of the electric control system, you get the flexibility to choose the temperatures you need for your ovens.

The top oven has two choices. It can either be used as a roasting oven or a baking oven. You can cook a large joint of meat in the middle, grill you steaks at the top and cook pizza on the floor of the oven. The bottom oven is a simmering oven which is ideal for slow cooking and gentle baking.

Both ovens deliver heat from all sides, which is what creates the iconic AGA cooking style. The range cooks food gently and evenly, which keeps all the moisture and flavour trapped inside.


The AGA City 60 is a small oven, but it is packed full of great features. Here are the top six benefits of the powerful, yet compact cooker.

  • Iconic AGA cooking - both ovens deliver the unmatched AGA radiant heating
  • Easy Installation - fits into the same space as a standard slot in cooker
  • Programmable - can be set to turn on up to 3 times a day automatically
  • Large Capacity - can easily cook a large family dinner
  • Classic Design - it looks and feels like an AGA with a range of colour options
  • Easy Operation - two simple dials to control both the hot plate and the ovens.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of an AGA in your kitchen, but only have a small space, the AGA City 60 could be the ideal choice for your home.