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Which AGA Cooker Is Right for Your Kitchen?

Posted on May 24, 2021 in AGA

AGA eR3 170-5 in Pewter
AGA eR3 Series 170-5 in Pewter

Nothing is quite as eye-catching as an AGA oven. Invented almost 100 years ago, AGA cookers are spacious heat-storage, cast iron, cookers made to order in the company’s Shropshire factory. This means you can get an oven that works for you and your lifestyle. Amongst these are the latest and best of the AGA range. These include the eR7, R7, R5, R3, 3 Series and AGA 60.


AGA eR7 100-3 in Salcombe Blue
AGA eR7 100-3 in Salcombe Blue

The AGA eR7, which replaced the now obsolete Total Control, is ideal for busy families, second homes or holiday cottages because it lets you turn it on and off when you need it, controlling the hotplates and each oven independently. When it’s on, it cooks just the way you would expect from an AGA. However, unlike more traditional models, it has an LED control panel that gives more control over the temperature of its ovens, which offer nine pre-set temperatures. In addition, a remote control handset lets you turn the oven on automatically as needed.

The AGA eR7 comes as either a three or five oven model and includes a roasting, simmering and baking oven.

AGA R7 Cooker

R7 150-5 in Linen
R7 150-5 in Linen

One of the best-selling AGA models, the AGA R7, like the eR7, offers its owners flexibility that can reduce running and servicing costs. The R7 is an updated version of the Dual Control, you can switch it the hotplates on and off as needed whilst the ovens can be set to four different heat settings, including normal, low, high and slumber.

The slumber setting is really handy as it can be used overnight or during the week, to help keep your kitchen warm whilst reducing energy and the extra boost of the high setting is perfect for Christmas, Easter and other big cooking days.

The AGA R7 comes in three and five oven models. The three oven model has roasting, simmering and baking ovens. The five oven model also has slow cooking and warming ovens. Both are ideal options for those looking to upgrade from their traditional AGA.

AGA R5 Cooker

AGA GC SF in Duck Egg Blue
AGA GC SF in Duck Egg Blue

The AGA R5 series refers to the Traditional AGA Cookers, available in electric, gas and oil and either as two, three or five oven models. These AGA cookers are designed to be on all the time and are the traditional AGA that most people think of.

You can add an AIMS (AGA Intelligent Management System) to the 13amp electric models to allow some controllability. There is also still a Dual Control in gas available which offers similar flexibility.

AGA R3 Cooker

AGA R3 100-4h in Slate
AGA R3 100-4h in Slate

This is the newest addition to the AGA family and people are already getting very excited about them. They are 13amp electric models that come with Roasting, Simmering/Baking and Warming ovens along with an infrared Grill. The ovens are designed to be on all the time, but also give you the flexibility of an ‘e’ setting which turns the ovens down in temperature whilst still giving flexible cooking options.

There is also a choice of hotplates, you can either have two hotplates, one boiling and one simmering or one hotplate which does both along with an induction hob.

AGA eR3 Series Cooker

AGA eR3 170-5i in Dove
AGA eR3 170-5i in Dove

For those wanting the benefits of modern ovens but the beautiful styling of an AGA, the 3 Series could be for you. Depending on which model you go for you can combine modern fan ovens with cast iron ovens, traditional AGA hotplates and induction hobs all within the same cooker.

There are lots of options within the 3 Series, offering unrivalled flexibility and control but all with the iconic AGA looks.

AGA 60 Cooker

AGA 60 in Blush
AGA 60 in Blush

The AGA 60 cooker is designed for those with smaller kitchens who still want the look of the AGA. Based on the 3 Series cookers, it still offers cast iron ovens and radiant heat. The difference is in the size, which means there are only two ovens and one hotplate (there is also a four gas burner version). Because of this, you have more control over what each oven does. The top oven, for example, can roast or bake, while the bottom oven is for simmering.

Colour Choices

Whichever model you choose, the colour choices are the same throughout the whole range. AGA offers a range of standard colours, including White, Black, Pewter, Pearl Ashes, Cream, Duck Egg Blue, Dark Blue, Pistachio, Heather, Aubergine, Dove, Slate, Linen, Blush, Dartmouth Blue, and Salcombe Blue. It can be really hard to choose! You can also order you AGA in bespoke colours if preferred.

If you need more help determining which AGA is right for you and your home, then get in touch with our team at Edwards and Godding and we’ll be more than happy to offer our advice and expertise.