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A Guide to the AGA eR7 Series

Posted on March 29, 2021 in AGA Cookers

AGA 7 Series in Dark Blue
AGA 7 Series in Dark Blue

The AGA eR7 Series Cooker (the new AGA Total Control) is on when you need it and off when you don't. It's perfect for busy families, those who are away from home during the day, for holiday cottages and second homes and for those who want to save energy.

The AGA eR7 is an electric cooker which has a Roasting Oven, Simmering Oven, Baking Oven and, in the 5 oven model, a Slow Cooking and a Warming Oven. Both the 3 oven and 5 oven have a Boiling and Simmering hotplate. The eR7 comes in either 3 oven or 5 oven models and both can have an integrated module giving you further flexibility and year round control. The 5 oven module can also come with either the traditional warming plate or an induction hob.

Radiant Heat

An eR7 AGA Cooker cooks with the same gentle radiant heat as the traditional models. The difference is found underneath the enamelled exterior, where state of the art technology is hard at work. The capacitance touch screen control panel with LED lighting digitally controls the three cast iron ovens giving more accurate temperature control. The digital heat indicator also clearly tells you when the AGA is heating up and when it's reached the required temperature.

Alternatively, using the remote control handset, you can programme the cast-iron ovens to come on automatically for one or two cooking cycles per day, seven days a week. One or all ovens can be switched off to save energy.

Temperature Settings

The Aga eR7 is designed to give you flexibility when cooking a range of dishes through the four settings in the baking oven and the five settings in the roasting oven, as well as the long slow cooking in the simmering oven. When referencing recipes from cookbooks, the eR7 pre-set cook settings are equivalent to the gas mark number.

No individual oven can be ‘OFF’. However, the roasting or baking oven can be switched from ‘Slumber’ to a cooking setting. This is achieved by pressing the relevant symbol once. A selection bar will appear under the relevant oven and the default setting is displayed. (Roast oven – ‘R8’ and Bake oven –‘B4’)

The desired setting can then be selected by using the arrow buttons as previously described. Pressing an individual oven button once more returns that oven back to ‘Slumber’. If both roast and bake ovens are overridden the appliance will revert to manual mode and the ‘M’ button will become solid to indicate it is no longer in slumber mode.

The guide gives an indication of the settings to use for specific foods, but the degree of cooking is often down to personal taste and you will soon find the settings which suit you:

eR7 Pre-set Oven Settings
Equivalent Cooking Temperature °C
Equivalent Fan Oven Temperature
Typical Food Type
Simmering/SlumberVery low110-12090-100Very slow drying of meringues, slow cooking of stews, casseroles, meats, vegetables and poaching fruit.
B1Cool140120Slow braised meat, very rich fruit cake, pavlova
B2Slow150130Slow roast e.g. pork belly, ribs, gammon, lamb, Simnel cake, finishing lemon meringue, rice pudding, shortbread, cherry cake, custards e.g. crème caramel
B3Moderately low160140Curry, casseroles, stews, gammon, slow cooked meat, suet puddings, cherry cake, madeira cake, light fruit cake and cheesecake
B4Moderate180160Tray bakes, sandwich cakes, small cakes, flapjacks, biscuits, bread and bitter pudding, roulade
R6Hot200180Pastry, pizza, garlic bread, gratin, baked fish, baked chicken, toad in the hole, roasting meat, browning potato toppings on pies, moussaka, lasagna, dauphinoise potatoes, roasting nuts, finishing pasta bakes, fairy cakes, swiss roll, muffins, crumble
R7Hot220200Bread, choux pastry, roasting meat, soufflé, fish cakes, pork crackling, puff pastry pies and tarts, roasted vegetables and potatoes, baked potatoes, browning potato topping on pies, blind baking pastry, fruit pies, scones, quiche


Very hot230210Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, fast roasting meat, pizza and grilling
R9Very hot240220Fast grilling

Electrical Connection Requirements

The eR7 requires a 32-amp supply and 13-amp supply for any additional AGA modules. Below are four helpful pre-installation videos for various AGA model sizes (100-210), that should enable you to check you have the appropriate power supply for an AGA eR7 cooker.

AGA eR7 100 models:

AGA eR7 150 models:

AGA eR7 160 models (plus AGA module):

AGA eR7 210 models with additional AGA module:


The AGA eR7’s ovens are vented through the shroud located on top of the AGA between the two hotplates unless the AGA powered vent kit has been fitted. The venting system is designed for venting the moisture from the ovens. It is recommended to install a cooker hood above the AGA eR7 if the AGA powered vent kit is not fitted.

The cooker hood should be positioned not less than the minimum height as recommended by the manufacturer from the top of the AGA. If a powered vent kit is fitted to your cooker, it should be used as follows:

As each oven is vented to the outside, operation of the fan when food is placed in the oven means cooking smells and steam are directed to the outside rather than being evacuated into the kitchen. Turn on the vent fan by pressing the small AGA logo on the control panel when food is placed into the ovens.

The venting of the oven also means that you can cook sweet and savoury items together without danger of mixing flavours - a delicate lemon sponge can be cooked in the same oven as garlic mushrooms!

Note: Remember to switch the fan off when you have finished cooking!

Test Drive

To watch a 20-minute test drive demonstration of the AGA eR7 Series cooker, please watch the video below:

The eR7 is available in all the standard AGA colours including White, Black, Pewter, British Racing Green, Pearl Ashes, Cream, Duck Egg Blue, Dark Blue, Pistachio, Heather, Aubergine, Dove, Blush, Slate, Linen, Dartmouth Blue and Salcombe Blue, as well as, being able to utilise the AGA Bespoke Colour Service.

For more information and to arrange a free no obligation site survey contact us on 0118 939 3046 or email sales@edwardsandgodding.co.uk.

There are often great offers on, for example a trade in allowance for your old AGA, so get in touch today to find out more about the new electric eR7 AGA Cooker!