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5 Tips to Get The Best Range Cooker

Posted on March 28, 2015 in How to...

When you first start looking into buying a new range cooker the choices can initially seem a little daunting but don’t worry – we’re here to help guide you through the maze of decisions with our handy list of things to consider when purchasing a new range cooker.

1. What’s on your wishlist?

Ok, first things first…have you already got a dream cooker? Did you grow up in a house glowing with the warmth of a beautiful AGA cooker and want to recreate the same with your family? Have you fallen for the glamour of the American dream and would love a Wolf range? Many people do and it’s pretty easy to see why as these iconic cookers go beyond pure necessity and have become aspirational products in their own right.

So, you have a range in mind. Let us know and we can make your dream kitchen happen. If you still need a bit of help read on…

2. What type of cooking do you do?

Think about what type of cooking you mainly do. Are you the main cook in a large family, catering for lots of different tastes and meal times?

Most people think that a convection fan oven works for everything but actually…shock horror…they aren’t *that* great. Fan ovens are great for keeping an even temperature when you are doing large quantities of baking and using all your shelves but in fact most people would find a multi function oven far more efficient in getting great results from lots of types of cooking. If you think you’d benefit from multi functional and the flexibility that gives you have a look at the Falcon, ILVE, Wolf and Steel Cuisine range cookers.

Do you eat lots of long, slow roasts and stews? Using cheaper cuts of meat and getting the most amount of juicy flavour out of them by cooking them for hours? Then the static electric ovens of the Lacanche and Lacanche Moderne could be perfect for you. They provide an amazing amount of accuracy and stability of temperature in their ovens, even over long periods of times. So, if you want to roast a shoulder of pork for 18 hours for the best pulled pork in the world these are the cookers for the job.

3. What kind of hob cooking do you do?

Are you big fans of Asian food? Always have your wok out? Then you need a range cooker with big gas burners so the powerful flames can properly heat up the side of your wok. This isn’t to say you can’t use a wok on any of the other heat sources, just that if you’re doing fast, hot cooking 3 or 4 times a week you’ll really appreciate a gas hob.

Take a look at the Lacanche and the Wolf with their heavy duty gas cooker tops ideal for this type of cooking. Wolf have double stacked burners which means the same ring can supply a tiny heat source gentle enough to melt chocolate directly in the pan to a fierce flame perfect for the largest wok. It basically means you can concentrate on cooking rather than switching pots and pans around like a weird game of twister.

Induction is amazing though and provides the same controllability as gas but with wipe clean, sleek lines. Another big consideration if you have little children is that an induction hob is only hot when the saucepan is in contact with it so there is barely any residual heat when you move away from the cooker and no naked flame. Take a look at the Falcon range and Lacanche cookers which are both available with induction hobs.

4. Do you want super easy cooking?

If you’re looking for the ultimate in ease and simplicity then consider an AGA cooker. Once you get into the groove with AGA cooking they are the easiest ranges to cook on (even a teenager can manage it!) and are very sympathetic to people who fall slightly short of Masterchef standards. The cast iron ovens radiate all round heat giving a beautiful even bake whilst retaining huge amounts of moisture and even better…the ovens don’t need to be cleaned.

The new Total Control AGA cooker means you get the traditional, relaxed cast iron cooking but with the controllability of a conventional range cooker – just ask us for more details about this.

5. Which one do you like the look of best?

Ultimately you’ll probably be drawn to a particular range cooker because of how it looks…and do you know what, that’s absolutely fine! It’s going to be sitting, pride of place, in your kitchen and you want something beautiful that you can admire every day.

Have a look around the product section of our site to see what catches your eye and pop into one of our showrooms to have a look and feel of the real thing. With so many different styles, configurations and colours available over a large selection of manufacturers I’m pretty sure Edwards & Godding will help you find the range cooker perfect for you and your family.