5 Healthy AGA Cooking Techniques

Posted on January 05, 2022 in AGA

Healthy eating and AGA cooking go hand-in-hand. So, whether you're embracing Veganuary or eating more seasonal, nutritious veg this month, here are a selection of healthy AGA cooking techniques to help get you started...


Grilling foods is generally a healthier option compared to frying conventionally in oil. We recommend using a shallow ceramic tray to not only get the full benefit of the radiant heat from the top but the sides as well.

Here are a couple of ways to grill on the AGA cooker:

1. Top shelf of Baking Oven - the gentle heat makes it perfect for grilling vegetables and fish.
2. Top shelf of Roasting Oven- ideal for browning foods.
3. High-speed Infrared Grill (AGA R3 Models Only)

AGA R3 Series models are the first cast-iron AGA cookers to feature an innovative high-speed integrated infrared grill. Fitted in the right hand cavity, the integrated grill offers three shelf positions and heats up in only two minutes.

4. AGA Cast Aluminium Rectangular Oven Griddle

With the AGA cast aluminium rectangular oven griddle, the grooves of the griddle catch any fat from cooking, as well as, ensuring no spills onto the oven floor. Not only is it easy to clean, it's lightweight and gives an even cook and is perfect for cooking a whole host of foods such as: chicken skewers, vegetables, red meats and more.

Before first use, wipe clean and make sure to preheat for a maximum of 5 minutes on the floor of the AGA roasting oven. It is not recommended to heat the griddle when empty on a high heat. Always ensure the griddle contains sufficient fat or oil- or the food is adequately coated before placing in the hot oven.

Please note: This griddle does not fit on the AGA oven runners.


When it comes to frying on an AGA, it doesn’t have to be high in fat and when you fry food on the AGA you can actually use less oil and cook deliciously healthy meals.

You can do this by directly cooking on the simmering hotplate using the bake-o-glide and close the lid for an even cook. Easy to use and dishwasher friendly; you can cook an array of delicious foods such as eggs, chicken escalopes, halloumi or vegan alternatives.

Please note: the bake-o-glide is not suitable for the boiling plate.


Steaming is an incredibly healthy way of cooking as it preserves the flavour and nutrients of vegetables. It’s so easy to steam food using an AGA cooker. Simply start potatoes, root vegetables and rice on the boiling plate and then continue to cook in the simmering oven. Green vegetables can be steamed using the AGA saucepot or sauté pan quickly using the AGA hotplates.

Slow cooking

The AGA cooker is perhaps best known for its excellence in slow cooking. The gentle, consistent heat of the AGA simmering oven offers ideal conditions to slow cook casseroles, cakes or roasts at an even temperature with little moisture loss for succulent results every time. This technique is ideal for retaining the vitamins and nutrients of food.

Food must be heated first before it will cook in the simmering oven. Start the cooking process with either of these two methods:

  1. Bring to a boil on the boiling plate to make sure the food and cooking dish are hot all the way through
  2. Place the dish in the Roasting Oven for 15-30 minutes, until bubbling hot.

Make sure to cover food with a lid or foil to prevent a crust from forming on the surface, then transfer to the simmering oven to finish slow cooking for the designated time.


Poaching is so easy in the AGA and it’s a great way to create healthy dishes while keeping the meat and vegetables tender. Click on the video below to watch AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako share her easy poaching techniques on the AGA cooker.

For all enquiries or more information about AGA cooking, please contact us here or alternatively email us at info@edwardsandgodding.co.uk