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10 Reasons Not to Buy a Second Hand AGA Cooker

Posted on April 11, 2018

We occasionally have customers asking us about second hand and reconditioned Aga cookers so we’ve put together some thoughts you may want to consider before committing. Here are our 10 reasons not to buy a second hand Aga:

1. The renovator will only advise on and try and sell the cookers they have available.If you come to an authorised distributor we will help you choose the right cooker, fuel, specification and colour for you.

2. The cooker may already be many, many years old by the time it is sold on to you. It may not even be the same fuel to when it was originally built.

3. If an Aga has been ‘reconditioned’ or ‘refurbished’ it may be several Aga cookers put together and is unlikely to have genuine parts.

4. The enamel might not be original – have the doors, front and top plate been set to a third party enamel shop?

5. In the future you may have problems getting your second hand Aga serviced as plenty of service engineers will shy away from a poorly built cooker.

6. Buying direct from Edwards & Godding you will have a brand new cooker which has been perfectly built and calibrated using genuine Aga parts.

7. The price we quote includes VAT, delivery and installation.There are no hidden elements or nasty surprises down the line.

8. We offer a full 1 year guarantee for parts and labour plus an additional 4 year parts warranty. Although some reconditioners offer 5 years it is mostly only for parts, and more often than not, they wont be genuine.

9. A new Aga cooker would be installed by our fully trained Aga Installation crew.Edwards & Godding don’t use sub contractors.

10. In the past we occasionally sold second hand cookers but have now stopped completely as, despite being experts in our field, we were often left with dissatisfied customers. Now we concentrate solely on brand new Aga cookers our customers are much happier!

If you’d like to find out more give us a ring on 0118 939 3046 or email us.