Westin have been manufacturing cooker hoods and bespoke extraction since 1921. Their expertise that they have built up means that they are our ‘go to’ people whenever we are presented with a complicated extraction challenge.

Kitchen extraction is often neglected and cooker hoods are chosen on the basis of what looks ‘nice’. Aesthetics are of course important, but without proper performance an extractor’s good looks will soon pale into insignificance. There are many things to consider in order to get kitchen extraction right: how long is the duct run, how many bends are in the duct run, how many bends, what sort of cooking you will be doing etc. All of these things need to be considered to ensure that the kitchen remains a pleasant place to cook in.

All too often we have seen projects whereby the customer has not considered extraction at the outset, resulting in incorrect duct sizing or unsightly box sections built into ceilings to accommodate extractor fans – do not get caught out.