We at Edwards & Godding know that refrigeration is not exciting like as choosing a kitchen colour scheme or deciding which cooking appliances are best, but the constantly on appliance responsible for keeping expensive food in excellent condition needs more attention than it is often afforded; consider this:

The Love Food, Hate Waste campaign supported by reports that the average UK household wastes GDP 480 a year throwing food away, rising to GBP 680 for a family with children.

Their report states UK households throw away perfectly good food because we cook or prepare too much or we do not use it in time. We waste mostly fresh vegetables and salad, drink, bakery items and fresh fruit.

This is why Edwards & Godding recommend what is considered the best in domestic refrigeration: Sub-Zero.

Founded in 1945, Sub Zero is an engineering company driven to create excellence in domestic refrigeration. This passion was started by founder Westye Bakke’s personal mission to create the perfect appliance to safely store his son’s insulin.

What this now means for today’s consumer is that the Sub Zero can supply appliances in which food is stored safely without losing vital nutrients and vitamins. Food wastage is minimised and so also is unnecessary cost to the household budget and environment.

Sub Zero’s North American engineering plants use the very best materials and technologies needed for each part of the refrigerator. The whole fridge air purification system based on NASA technologies, filtering out ethylene (the gas which shortens the life of fresh fruit and vegetables) – this is why ethylene sensitive bananas should not be kept in the fruit basket with the ethylene producing fruits like apples.

In most households it is the fridge door that is open and closed most often and can be left open for longer when the week’s shopping is being unloaded. This causes fluctuations in the temperature of the refrigerator which again can shorten the life and health of your food. Some appliances then use the colder freezer air to chill the fridge compartment, this can also damage your food. Sub-Zero microprocessors accurately control the air temperature to ensure a safe environment for your fresh food.

This does make them an expensive choice, the retail price of the ICBBI30U/S is GBP 10,000. Other reports state that the average family spends GBP 76.50 a week on food, making an annual food bill of almost GBP 4,000. When everything starts to add up, investing in Sub-Zero in a kitchen starts to make more sense.

With fully serviceable compressors, evaporators and fans the Sub-Zero is a life long investment that over time will make financial sense.

There is a Sub-Zero that will fit every kitchen application from under counter fridge drawers, ICB700BR, to the side by side ICBBI-48SD which has a huge fridge capacity of 531 litres and massive 274 litre storage.