Siemens is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, a company that includes the brands Siemens, NEFF, Bosch and Gaggenau. Siemens has a 165 year history starting in 1847 when Werner von Siemens improves the pointer telegraph invented by Englishman Charles Wheatstone.

Siemens has continued to innovate throughout its history, introducing the Protos turbo washing machine in 1928, in 1964 the first Siemens dishwasher and in 2010 the world’s most energy efficient dishwasher which uses zeolite technology developed by Siemens: zeolites-aluminum silicate minerals with a very large surface area and hollow pores can absorb water and become hot in the process. As a result, the drying cycle is considerably faster and more efficient. Even the puddles of residual water that accumulate in the indentations of cups and plastic containers that are otherwise always covered with water are dried up in seconds by the warm air released from the zeolite pellets. In the next washing cycle, the minerals are regenerated when moisture is removed from them as the dishwasher heats up.

With Siemens, stunning design, clean and bold lines, high quality materials and high precision craftsmanship come as standard.