Have you heard the name STEEL? No? How about Maytag, AEG and Neff? Founded in 1922, STEEL have been manufacturing appliances for Maytag, AEG and NEFF (to name but a few) for some time and are been based in Carpi, Italy. The company is still family owned and is run by the third generation of the Po family.

So this shows that STEEL is not a newcomer even if most of us haven’t heard of it. If some of the largest appliance brands trust their manufacturing quality, STEEL must know a thing or two about making appliances. STEEL released their own range cookers into the UK in 2008.

STEEL’s range cooker offering is based around 2 main models: the Ascot (traditional) and the Genesi (modern). That is where the simplicity ends; when the colour options and hob configurations are added into the mix, the various possible combinations pass 700. STEEL range cookers can therefore offer a bespoke solution and showcase to anyone’s kitchen. It also means that every STEEL is built to order.

The range cooker equivalent of kicking a car’s tyres is opening and closing the oven doors – we see it all the time in our showrooms. The difference is that you can tell whether a range cooker is well built by doing this. The STEEL's handles and doors are heavy, the type of door that gives a reassuring thud when kicked closed with the heel on taking a heavy pot roast out of the oven.

Most built-in appliance brands have a combi-steam oven in their product portfolio, but STEEL are the only range cookers that can offer a combi-steam oven (it also has a rotisserie in the same oven). One of the simplest recipes, bread, can be one of the most rewarding: from the process of kneading the dough to the heavenly smell of a freshly baked loaf coming out of the oven. Most bread recipes will talk about the need to try to create a moist environment to bake the bread which will stop a crust forming too early allowing the loaf to rise and leave a soft crumb.

It is clear that STEEL have poured all of their know-how into the design and production of a solid chunk of a range cooker. If you make your decisions based on form, function and build quality then the STEEL should most definitely be added to your range cooker short-list.